Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Blog is Born!

After many months of contemplation and countless thoughts to the effect of “I should do that,” I have undertaken to inaugurate a blog dedicated to the critical examination of politics, science, and culture. Realizing that the internet is already saturated with such blogs—many of which written by writers far more talented and informed than myself—this blog aims to take a novel approach.

Beneath the smoke-screen of polarizing rhetoric, between right and left, and independent of peculiarities imposed by tradition, there lies the fundamental reality of the human condition. That is to say that beyond subjective opinion, which is often dictated by ignorance and idealism, exists objective fact. Therefore it is the intent of this blog to present thoroughly-cited, accessibly worded, objective and scholarly interpretations of political issues, social commentary, and the ongoing evolution of science. In doing so, it is my hope that my blog readership will engage in enriching scholarly discussion and, by means of the understanding gained through participation in such discussion, become more responsible members of human society.

The aforementioned tripartite subject matter is essential to this end. Human society as a whole is dictated by the constraints placed upon it by the interplay between objective empirical reality (science), custom and historical precedent (culture), and group dynamics as dictated by interpersonal competition for finite resources (politics). Obviously these three forces are fluid, often overlapping, and in no way mutually exclusive—but, for the whole of human history, these three forces have dictated both human law and each other.

Recognizing that my own subjective reality will effect both the content and the register of this blog, it is necessary for me to declare my life circumstances and in doing so reveal my own biases.

I am a student studying cell and molecular biology at a large research university in the midwestern United States. I identify as a white middle class homosexual male who votes blue and declares no religion. More personally, I am an addict (the kind that goes to meetings) who has never enjoyed membership in a "nuclear" family; both of these experiences contributed significantly to my world-view and ultimately compelled me to, like Diogenes, test the great hypothesis that is social conformity.

True to the mission of this blog, I invite dissenting opinions to be voiced and conflicting evidence to be presented. Comments will be welcomed on all posts and no comment will be deleted under any circumstances unless it is blatantly obscene or disrespectful. If possible, evidence presented in support of any subjective position should be properly cited--failure to do so will not result in moderation but will significantly weaken any argument.

Finally, there will always be a thread dedicated to open discussion. I will do my best to tailor the content of this blog to fit the topics that are discussed. That said, let the blogging begin!